Sunday 3rd January

The rain was pouring down and the Red Jet was very bumpy, but we reached Southampton safely. Then we hopped onto the little bus that goes down to the station. By the time we got there, the rain had almost stopped and we walked over the railway bridge and up to the Mayflower Theatre. Our seats were up quite high, but we had a very good view of the stage and the orchestra. The pantomime was Aladdin and it was very funny. Joe Pasquale was Aladdin’s best friend and he was the funniest character. The princess was beautiful and Abenazzer was mean and very loud! When Aladdin went into Abenazzer’s cave we had to put on special 3D glasses then we could see the bats, snakes and bits of machinery come flying out at us.

During the interval we all had an ice cream in a tub. There were so many of us in our group that the ice creams were brought up to us

in 2 boxes; we didn’t have to queue up with all the other people!

At the end of the pantomime we had to go back on the bus and then the Red Jet. We got home in time for tea and then back to school on Monday.

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